Easy and precise balancing of surface grinding

machines without disassembly of grinding wheels!

Is automatic or manual balancing required?

With or without AE function?


Manual, mobile balancing: success in nearly no time!


incl. sensors

Usable at each machine



µ-precise contact
one spark is enough

with AE-acoustic emission sensors

For contact control,
wheel dressing and

For manual and
automatic balancing systems

Automatic balancing at the touch of a button

ESB with transmitter






Extra flat balancer!
Equipment package #1: 3.ESB.040F.096.C / 3.AB50 / 3.S.42C.03 / 3.PU.M5.4.3.V2.1
Equipment package #2: 3.ESB.040F.096.CGA / 3.AB300 / 3.S.42G.03 / 3.PU.M5.4.3.V2.1

Circular grinding.100% additional profit with the original RAPID


For single production and small series

Proven and immediately ready for use

  • Functional
  • Precise
  • Cost effective

Grinding at
cantilever support

Grinding between

Centres unit

For inquiries and orders

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