For all rotating parts...

Important information about balancing

......everything is rotating, quicker and quicker!

With increasing power the necessary balancing quality of the rotors increases – in the car or at production machines (e.g. high speed machines).

The state of balancing has a considerable influence on the life-time, operating costs and production result, either positive or negative.

The better the balancing quality, the higher the useful effect!

MPM systems completely meet the requirements for high measuring accuracy and low costs.

Also users with a sporadic need are able to use this technology in an economical way.

With an easy operation and a need-based selection of different balancing units the MPM programme is very popular and an indispensable assistance.

In the workshop or in the control area – everywhere these units can be used immediately and efficient. The achievable measuring accuracy determines even smallest weight differences (e.g. 0,02g) in a safe and reliable way.

The reliable balancing configurations are composed of vibration and speed sensors together with actual balancing units as well as user-friendly software modules.

The wide range and modular design of the MPM programme offers custom-made solutions for each balancing application.


For the correct selection it must be found out:

What shall be balanced?

Where shall be balanced?

  • Grinding wheels
  • Grinding machines
  • Fans
  • In the machine with self-propulsion
  • E-motors
  • Horizontal balancing machine
  • Pulleys
  • Turning lathe
  • cylindrical bodies
  • Vertical balancing machine
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