... each of us knows it from the car,
unbalanced wheels cause
consequential damage.

This applies for all turning parts,
the faster the rotation,
the worse the effect of the unbalance!

Balancing prevents premature wear,
increases comfort and
saves money.

grosser Rotor   grosse Drehmaschine

Balancing directly on the "place of happening" - for whatever and wherever!

BMT150M 1-Ebene  ohne Uberschrift    BMT240 2 Ebenen

1-plane balancing

1- + 2-plane balancing

  • Simple operation

  • Buy without risk by high user acceptance, already several thousands
  • High precision
  • Quick amortization guaranteed!
  • Low costs


Turning lathes:

The vibration sensor resp. sensors should be installed as close as possible to the balancing planes in the area of the bearing, in radial or horizontal position.

The speed can be measured with the speed sensor in axial or radial way. If the spindle shall be balanced incl. chuck, it shall be balanced without index method.

Balancing of work pieces at the turning lathe with a BMT150M or BMT240M

For castings and forgings it is recommendable to balance the 1st part of the series in the machine. A better and quicker cutting of all following parts is possible.

  • At first the jaws must be brought into the clamping position.
  • If this is not possible (e.g. at hydraulic chucks) it is recommendable to clamp a round material without own unbalance as ancillary part.
  • At first the chuck with the jaw must be balanced precisely.
  • Please note, the higher the speed, the more precise it can be balanced.
  • The positioning of the parts to be balanced should be as precise as possible, levelling by a dial gage.
  • Balancing with index method is recommended
  • No considerable machine vibrations should exist.
  • Sometimes such vibrations are caused by parts of the gear.
Turning lathes Turning lathes
Turning lathes Turning lathes

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