Visualization and operation via machine control

The MPM series AB240 and AB300/340/350 offer a direct CAN-BUS connection with actual
CNC grinding machine controls.


CNC BALCON300           CNC BALCON350
CNC-control panel with software BALCON 300  CNC-control panel with software BALCON 350


Fully compatible operation like the MPM operating module, adjusted to SIEMENS keypad.

The balancing and AE-GAP/Crash/Dress electronics also corresponds with the machine control if the operating software is not started.


Software BALCON 300
          Software BALCON 350
Automatic balancing
ab200 rgb 2           Balcon350 AB 00


AB350 / BALCON 350
essential for the serial production at
CNC grinding machines

01    02
Password definition / enabling level
  Screen, language, font and hardware-configuration
by machine manufacturer
Automatic balancing
completely controlled via PROFIBUS
Quick success due to logical input masks.
Adjustment of the balancing parameters:
easy - clearly - quick

Display of the balancing and AE-GAP window in the grinding process screen.

Picture position and size can be defined via the PROFIBUS.

04   05 
06   07 
Automatic balancing
08    09 
Achieve your goal within seconds with automatic mode
  Semi-automatic balancing for manual function control
AE - GAP/Crash/Dress pre-settings
Simple solution for complex processes!
10   11
AE-basic configuration:
by machine manufacturer / programmer
  16 machining cycles can be parameterized
per measuring channel
Coloured AE screen upon request
12   15 
limit colours and diagram labelling can be freely adjusted
  Examples for AE control via PROFIBUS
2-channel curve display
Process control = damage prevention
13   14
Set-up mode with manual operating options
  Operating mode - AE process visualzation

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