for manual balancing plus GAP/Crash/Dress functions.

BMT300SM3    BMT340SM3   Bedienmodule   CNC BALCON350

Basic unit = 3.BMT300SM3

Basic unit = 3.BMT340SM3

Basic unit = 3.BMT350SM3


Basic unit = 3.BMT340SM3.DPV1

Basic unit = 3.BMT350SM3.DPV1


Operation / visualization via
Operation module 3.BM240/300

Operation / visualization via
CNC monitor


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image036             Balcon350 AB 00
Software BALCON 300             Software BALCON 350
Order-number without AE with AE integrated
BP Profibus Operation / visualization
via operation unit BM240/300
Software BALCON 300
Operation / visualization
via machine control
Software BALCON 350
3.BMT300SM3 x         x  
3.BMT300SM3.BP x     x     x (BALCON300)
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V0   x       x  
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V1   x x     x  
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V2   x x     x  
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V0.BP   x   x     x (BALCON300)
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V1.BP   x x x     x (BALCON300)
3.BMT300SM3.KM.V2.BP   x x x     x (BALCON300)
3.BMT340SM3 x           x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V0   x         x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V1   x x       x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V2   x x       x
3.BMT340SM3.DPV1 x       x   x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V0.DPV1   x     x   x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V1.DPV1   x x   x   x
3.BMT340SM3.KM.V2.DPV1   x x   x   x
3.BMT350SM3 x           x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V0   x         x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V1   x x       x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V2   x x       x
3.BMT350SM3.DPV1 x       x   x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V0.DPV1   x     x   x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V1.DPV1   x x   x   x
3.BMT350SM3.KM.V2.DPV1   x x   x   x


AB = Automatic balancing
BMT = Manual balancing in 1 and 2 planes
C = CONLESS module
KM.V0 = 2 x AE-GAP/Crash/Dress analysis, inputs: 2 x 0...10V
KM.V1A = 2 x AE-GAP/Crash/Dress analysis, inputs: 1 x 0...10V, 1 amplifier, filter type A
KM.V2AA = 2 x AE-GAP/Crash/Dress analysis, inputs: 2 amplifier, filter type A
BP = Operating processor for operation via machine display
DPV1 = Profibus

For inquiries and orders

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