MPM balancers are electromechanical units. In each balancer are two electric motors with special gears.

These units are used to position two independently positioned balancing masses and to compensate unbalances.

The balancing masses (balancing weights) can be adjusted both while the balancer is stopped and during rotation (at operating rpm).

The balancing mass adjustment is activated by a power and data input. This current transmission can be implemented by the conventional slipring (collector) method or with the latest contactless (CONLESS) technology. MPM balancers are also available with GAP/Crash/Dress sensors.

An electronic display and control unit connected by power/data transmission supplies the control commands to the balancer. The vibrations caused by the unbalanced grinding wheels are detected and processed by the vibration sensor connected with the control unit.

MPM balancers can therefore balance fully automatic as required at operating rpm – without having to remove the grinding wheel from the machine.


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It is possible to install MPM balancers at almost all types of grinding machines. The available space and the size of the grinding wheel determine the type and sizes of the balancer to be used. Often there will be a cutout for this purpose in the grinding wheel’s protective cover.

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