Balancers with ring design

Are for use if other designs are absolutely not possible.
For example, if the centre of the spindle is occupied by an automatic grinding wheel changer.

  • In any case ring balancers are customized, project-specific solutions.
  • The costs and delivery times can differ considerably from the other designs.  
  • If no automatic ring balancer is possible, a manual balancing ring can be used in any case. 
Order number 3.ER.500.385.C 

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  • Outside-Ø 385mm drilling Ø 235,4mm width of the ring 77,5mm .
  • Easy installation, made as front wheel flange.
  • Collision-free balancing weights. 
  • Suitable for balancing speeds up to approx. 2000min-1.
Abmaße & Montagebeispiel


Order number cable 3.3.S550.SOD 
Order number bottom clamp 3.KS.R01

Power and data transmission with standard components possible, contactless (CONLESS) or with slipring (collector) 

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Balancing ring type ERK - automatic adjustment

Order number
incl. collektor and coiled cable

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Auswuchtring Typ ERK
Outer-Ø [mm] Inner-Ø [mm] Width [mm] Pitch-Ø [mm]
388 203,75 75 350


  • Power and data transmission via coiled cable and collector


Kollektor mit Spiralkabel


Application example
for CINCINNATI-centreless machines
wheel-Ø approx. 500mm
working speed [Vs]                
32m/s (approx. 1220min-1)                



Order number
Ring-balancer 3.ER.200.240.C
Ring-transmitter 3.RS.240.HS
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  • Outer-Ø 240mm, drilling Ø 83mm, width of the ring 47mm.
  • Collision-free balancing weights.
  • For balancing speeds up to approx. 3000min-1.

Other dimensions (drilling and outside-Ø) upon request 

Balancing ring for spindle integration with  through-hole

Order number 3.ISB.150B.100.CR

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  • Suitable for installation in grinding machines, that are fitted with an automatic grinding wheel changer.
  • Balancing masses in smooth running, 1-plane technology. 
  • Suitable for speed up to approx. 2000min-1.



Easy installation

  • Fully automatic balancing mass positioning.
  • CONLESS contactless power and data transmission, as an alternative with slipring (collector).
  • Full use in wet zone possible.

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