1. Each machine, each workpiece machining has its own "sound profile",
    so it requieres specific adjustments.
  2. Selection of (expected) the most appropriate sensor for the task.
     Flachschleifen  Centerless
  3. Examination of the assembly options of the AE sensors. It would be as close
    as possible e.g. to the grinding wheel.
    Schleifspindel Innenschleifen
  4. Particular attention shall be paid to the contact connection between sensor
    and machine body.
    There has to be created a very extensive homogeneous and geographically
    widest possible connection from the sensor to the mounting surface.
    Thread profiles are to be avoided as a direct contact surface.
    Even the smallest air gaps interrupt the signal flow considerable.
    Also, pay attention to that there are no non metallic materials between the
    contact surfaces, which prevent the signal flow.
    AE Aussenschleifen Fluidsensor
  5. In special cases, a contact medium, e.g. (BAYER Baysilone paste medium
    viscosity) is helpful.
  6. The distance between rotor and stator should be about 1mm.
    Larger distances decrease till prevent the flow of signals.

    The risk of collision increases by smaller distances.
    Therefore, it is important that the assembly is stable and immovable.
    Machine vibrations may not have an effect on the distance.
  7. This information applies for fixed and for rotating sensor types.
    For fluid sensors an uninterrupted (no blistering!), consistent liquid flow
    to the (homogeneously) workpiece.
  8. All electrical connections should be checked for accuracy, integrity and
    correctness. Moisture penetration must be avoided.
  9. Is the correctness and completeness of the connecting cables to the
    AE-acoustic emission tested, you can proceed with the operation structure.
  10. From a simple signal amplifier with a LED display (KSV) over ContactScope
    with graphic signal path to comfortable machine integrated variants (AB/KM)
    for each demand, the appropriate solutions available.

    Therefore, retrofits and new machine equipment are cost effective
    and enable important benefits.

    Significant increase of transparency, efficiency and safety of production processes.

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