Equipment options - vertical-balancing machines


= included / standard

Ο= optional

= not available
  BMT TS40 01 klein   VMS 01 freigestellt klein   01 Vertikal neu klein  
HSK25 up to HSK100
SK/BT10 up to SK50
  3.VMS.01.S100   3.ABZ.V001   3.ABZ.050-2.V01.R
Stone base
Mnue-guided operation
Automatic positioning
Laser marking
Index balancing with
any angle
Balancing in 1-plane        
Balancing in 1- + 2-planes   Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Balancing with
spindle compensation
Fixed position compensation
Spread angle compensation
Drilling radial
Drilling axial
    Ο   Ο   Ο
Density function
Report printing
(software, 10 languages)
Prohibited areas     Ο    
Alternate compensating
Special protection hood
  Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Data export balancing results
Axial-/ radial runout
    Ο   Ο   Ο
material removing
Touchscreen   Ο      
Precision libra
  Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Training   Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Test magnet   Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Balancing screws   Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Balancing rings   Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο
Customized holders
  Ο   Ο   Ο   Ο


Avoid consequential costs!

Due to the increased power of cars or production machines (e.g. high rotating machines) the necessary balancing quality of the rotors increased considerably.

The balancing condition has a considerable influence on the life time, the operating costs and the production results.

Not balanced rotors cause consequential damages and costs.
The better the balancing quality, the higher the profit!

The latest MPM systems exactly meet the requirements for high measuring accuracy and low costs.

Therefore it is possible that operators with one HSC machine only can also use this technology in a very economical way.

Due to an easy operation and a wide selection of balancing methods the BMT200 machine is a often used and indispensable assistant.

In the factory or controlling area – everywhere the machine can be used immediately and efficiently. The achievable measuring accuracy reliably detects even smallest weight differences (e.g. 0,02g).

Rotating tools and work pieces that will be used in a rotating way in following processes must be balanced!

The thousand-fold proved µP-electronics of the BMT200 was combined with a high-precision spindle electromotive drive.

Precise sensors detect the vibrations and optical sensors control the exact stop, exactly at the unbalance position.

A precise marking at any tool / workpiece position is possible by a compact laser pointer.

The quality grade (e.g. G2,5), the unbalance value in gmm and the compensation mass in g can be displayed by push button while the spindle is rotating.

Necessary unbalance corrections by material removal (e.g. drilling, milling) or material addition are calculated exactly and shown in the display.

A record of these data can be printed on a separate printer or transferred via a V24 RS232 interface to each PC.



Examples for tools and work pieces of all industrial areas that can be balanced.

Tool holders like HSK, ISO, MK, CAPTO, KM, special tools, diamond wheels etc.


 Balancing machines, vertical Balancing machines, vertical

Work pieces, fans, turbine blades, driving discs, etc.

 Work pieces, fans, turbine blades, driving discs, etc. Work pieces, fans, turbine blades, driving discs, etc.

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