Article 4.RS03.F

Cylindrical grinding unit Rapid mini

For cantilevered cylindrical grinding on surface grinding machines

  • With E32 collet holder
  • Cone grinding up to 45°
  • Index dividing head 15°, for polygonal surfaces
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Cone grinding
  • Radius grinding (concave / convex)
  • Conical dovetail profile grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Polygon grinding
  • Plunge grinding

Catalog-# / Description

Catalog-# Order-# Description
4.RS03.F 1069042A Rapid mini grinding unit for cantilevered cylindrical grinding on surface grinding machines

Technical details

Technical data  
Supporting surface approx. 125x100mm
Weight approx. 9 kg
Height (horizontal) approx. 110mm
Height (vertical) approx. 175mm
Index dividing apparatus 15°
Centre height approx. 45mm
Tool holder E32 (for collets Ø 2-20mm)
Spindle rotation 0,002mm
Drive system electric motor, infinitely variable, 0-300 rpm, clockwise / anti-clockwise rotation switchable
Power supply 220-240V 50Hz 70W

Dimensional drawings

Application examples

Often a round ground single part is acutely needed...!
You solve this task with extended possibilities of your surface grinding machine



For ER32 Collets
2-20mm (Standard)


Swivel range
up to 45°


Driving tip support


Adapter ER32 for
ER11 Collets 1-7mm


Adapter for 3-jaw chuck
Ø 80mm, 1007358A
Chuck = 1011397A


Swivel range up to -5°
(for specific tasks)


Adapter for DECKEL S20x2
Collets 3-16mm


Adapter for magnetic chuck
Ø 80mm, 1065448A
Chuck = 1047644A


Swivel range up to 90°
(for specific tasks)


  • User manual
AccessoryDescription Article
Control unit, for RAPID grinding unit 4.SG01to product
3-jaw chuck for RAPID grinding unit 4.0.BF080to product
Magnetic clamping chuck for RAPID grinding unit 4.0.MF.xxxto product
Collet holders for RAPID grinding unit 4.0.xxxto product
Driving tip for RAPID grinding unit 4.MNS01.80to product

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